Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Black eyed Peas....

The black eyed peas, cabbage, were consumed. I replaced hog jowl, with some leftover ham. I also made a batch of cornbread.

We heard shots at 10pm....what the heck, someone could not wait until midnight? It scared me to bits. Plus one shot wasn't enough. There were several around 10pm. I wonder if people were tired, so went ahead and just shot at 10 thinking it was close enough?

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Journey said...

So that's how southerners ring in the New Year?

In NYC, since all types of handguns are outlawed, when you hear gunshots you automatically drop to the floor. Why? Because the aim on "wanna-be-gangsta's" who have these weapons, is awful. Often times they only hit innocent bystanders.