Friday, January 18, 2008

Just another day

I opened SR's backpack yesterday after school, and noted it was report card day...

I used to hate report card day.

SR, didn't know, didn't care.

and he should have.

I mean I know he is only in kindergarten, but his lowest grade this quarter was a 97%

He got solid 100%'s WOW....

amazing if you ask me.

I tried to make a big deal out of it, and he just went on, he was already looking forward to Friday.

Friday means pizza day, and the last day of the week.

He says he does not have nearly enough "free time" to pursue his own interests. "Mom, I got Saturday and that is it."

Poor guy, I guess I will wait and spare him the lecture about how at 6, well that is about the pinnacle of free time.

He is supposed to attend another birthday party Saturday, but really doesn't want to will interfere with his "free time"....

It is hard for me to understand, I LOVED school, and rarely brought home the grades to show my LOVE, and what 6 year old doesn't want to go to a party?

SR, thats who...

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