Monday, January 21, 2008

And so it begins...

Today is a Federal Holiday, DH is home. He made The Collective breakfast, and took SR to school.

I slept in and had weird dreams about meeting Scott Baio in Las Vegas. I also had a job in a wedding dress fabric store while there. Strange stuff dreams. And it wasn't really Vegas, more like Reno, but I have never been to Reno so I have no idea where I was. Some fictional land where gambling and casinos are prevalent.


Today, I am trying to catch up on laundry, and housekeeping. My goal for today is to pack 10 boxes.

I came to a strange realization a couple of days ago.

We are REALLY outgrowing our home.

WE are. All of the things, that are laying around without a home. Well they are doing so, because hell I am out of room. 4 people, 1,200 square feet, and no basement. Let me add here, I am not a pack rat, or a keeper. If it does not get used, it is out of here. The children's things are gone through continuously. No joke. Things are given to neighbors, church folks, sold, etc. I am not excessive in nature. I am a minimalist when it comes to belongings and decor.

I sat here last night, and decided the move could not come a better time, we need more space.

We have looked at more homes and property online, than I care to admit to.

I want an all brick ranch, garage on the side, 4-5 bedrooms, a formal dining room. a full finished basement, and I want it on 3-5 acres within 7 minutes of town. I want the laundry on the same level level as the clothing.

So far, this is not as easy as one would think.

Oh, and there is a budget to consider. The budget part keeps putting the snaffu on things, as well as the taxes. I actually forgot how high taxes are in Nebraska. Geesh, but I figure I will not have to pay for private school either, so it will come out in the wash.

Wish me luck packing today!

I also have to compile all of my tax things today, as the tax money is needed for "fixing up a couple of things round here", before the sale of the house.

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