Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to the land of too much information, and no this isn't about my is about my move along if you can't handle it Chumley


So we have the move, and the house to sell, and have the potentiality of being homeless, and I am having to sort through numerous amounts of crap and decide if it is "movable or crap". We will be changing income brackets, and are scouring the markets for a home, looking at school districts, churches, businesses etc.

And my Irritable Bowel Syndrome has resumed.

I have IBS. But only when I freak out. Which is good. About 6-8 years ago it was a chronic problem, but my Mom was dying, I had a cousin dying, and an Uncle dying, and two Aunts with breast cancer, we were moving, my DH was getting ready for a deployment, and I was packing our apartment, I was workign 40 hours a week caring for 33 people, some of them on Hospice care. I had terrible IBS, and an eye twitch that was constant. All I needed was some sort of hump on my back and I would have been a real looker.

Anywho, the IBS has started back. Nerves I suppose. I have been lucky, I have had very little in the way of stress for years now. I mean real stress. No death, or hospitalization, deployment, illness. I have been lucky and I know it. The yoga should help, and I need to resume a diet with acidophilis in it, or supplement with acidopholis.


Anonymous said...

*hugs* I don't personally know how hard that can be, but I had a roommate with IBS and I know how much she suffered with it at times.

pamibe said...

I have IBS, have had it since I was born. Fifty years of experience have taught me a lot.

Hot chamomile tea for the cramping and hot peppermint tea after every meal. [this is during the bad times-usually I just have one after dinner.]

Herbs: Pau D'Arco to heal the colon, anti-spasmodics and soothers like slippery elm, marshmallow, ginger, dong quai, bugleweed.

Most herb stores have blends of the above. I use Nature's Sunshine brand exclusively and have had great results.

IBS is horrible and I feel ya, I really do. If I can help in any way just email, k?