Friday, January 25, 2008

ICE Ice Baby

I just had to pick up Sir Rowland from school, seems as though we have a winter warning of sorts.

We moved in during an ice storm. I recall pulling 4 feet square chunks of ice off of the moving truck to get the door opened. The first day we moved in, we lost 2 trees. We lay in bed that night listening to trees snap and fall onto roofs. Strange stuff ice.

I remember thinking how nuts I thought everyone was. All were running around crazy "the sky is falling". And I thought it was odd. Until I realized, if it ices here, there is no moving around in it, unless you are an idiot. There is no fleet of snow removal vehicles, or chemical trucks, gravel trucks. It is too dangerous. Even for a flat stater with snow and ice experience. There are hills here. Hills and ice=death and destruction.

So I picked up SR, picked up some more boxes from the booze store. At least I can get some work done if we get iced in.

Oddly enough DH helps with emergency management. So I am not sure if he will be home tonight or not.

Time to pick out some good movies, find the marshmallows for the cocoa.

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