Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pros and Cons of living in the country....

I grew up in town, and later in the country...

Do I need 10 acres?

The price is right, and the taxes are less than if we live in town. The school system is good, and small.

I also have no idea what to do with a septic tank? Really no idea...

The nearest "metro" area is 23 miles away, the nearest "small town" is 4 miles away...

The house is fairly new, built in 2003.


What is a girl to do.

The looming question seems to be, what on Earth would I do with snow? What if DH is deployed, and I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with a lane full of snow?

I am sure I COULD manage...


Anonymous said...

that name again is mr. plow

seriously, make some friends and they will plow your drive just to see you. that's the nice thing about living in the country, country folk.

good luck, pretty picture

Anonymous said...

Get a blade for your truck. Moving snow is fun! And yes, neighbors do help out.
Do you like to mow? You decide how much you want to, but that could be a lot. Neighbors aren't so close, so don't have to be so perfect.
We love being able to step outside in our jammies. (can't see us from the road)
Your kids will love it.
There won't be so much traffic. That's nice when you drive to town too.
How are the schools?
Septic is not a big deal. Have it inspected. If it is as new as the house, it should be good for years.
Is the place all electric or do you have an LP (propane) gas tank?
Do you have a well or rural (like city) water?
Do you need to have people close by (next door neighbors) or can your neighbors live 1/2 mile away? Ours do, but we can still see their place, recognise their vehicles on the road, and are neighborly.
There is likely to be critters (raccoons, deer, possum and such) outside. Do you mind? They can be fun to watch or a pest. You are likely to have a neighbor that is willing to help with pests.
My neighbor's hubby was deployed for 1 1/2 years in Iraq. 3 little ones at home. She did ok. Neighbors and church folk helped.
Main thing is do you feel at ease out there?
I suspect you'd do fine!

Donna O said...

Sounds lovely to me!