Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my side hurts

The Collective crack me up...

When I picked up Sir Rowland from school yesterday, he looked at me and said...."Mom do you think I am in good shape?" "Of course" I answered. I couldn't help but chuckle, and wonder where he had heard this, or why it was posed to me. However, upon tucking him into bed, he asked DH and I the same thing. "Am I in good shape?"

DH told him that he was in good physical, mental, and spiritual condition. I couldn't help but agree. Children are almost perfect....

Pink Ninja, and I were making cookies over the weekend, and listening to Christmas music, when Feliz Navidad came on. But Pink ninja was singing it as "Police Navidad". I thought it was so hilarious, I let her sing it that way 2 times, before correcting her. Police Navidad.

The other night after the Christmas program, we drove The Collective into sonic, and told them they could have a treat. Sir Rowland (who has a terrible time making any sort of decision) says..."Mom, I just don't know what to pick. Everything looks so appetizing." DH and I just stared at one another cracking up. Appetizing.

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