Friday, December 07, 2007

O Christmas Tree

DH took the day off today. He is going to help the teacher with the gaggle of 5-7 year olds go on a field trip to the Christmas tree farm. I think DH was more excited than Sir Rowland. I guess there is a hayrack ride, and hot cocoa. I am unsure what else they will do at the Christmas tree farm.

DH packed them a lunch, and made sure Sir Rowland was bundled up. I cannot wait to hear what 5-7 year olds are like for the day.

Pink Ninja and I are going to spend the morning making cookies. I need to locate my cookie cutters. This is a weekend long project. Tomorrow we are making gingerbread. Pink Ninja wants to make a house. Sir Rowland wants to make a train. It should be busy, and a mess if nothing else. It occurred to me, that this is possibly our last Christmas in our tiny home. Some of the Christmas's better than others. This year good, because Daddy is home.

Sunday, we celebrate the Christmas program. Sir Rowland is the green king. We were surprised to hear at Wednesday nights's service and prayer group that Pink Ninja had been picked to be a sheep. She was soooooo happy, because she had no part in the program until then.

Christmas is here......

On another note my Father is celebrating a birthday today. He was born December 7, 1941, in the sleepy town of Clearwater, Nebraska. Yes you read that right December 7, 1941. My Grandparents tried, and tried to have a baby for years. And I wonder often what they must have thought about such a blessing, on such a horrible day in history.

Maybe I will ask my Father about that today.

Please enjoy the season today.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday to your dad. And sounds like you are really getting into the Christmas spirit! Love it!