Thursday, December 20, 2007

30 Helens agree

My Dad wore the same work boots for 36 years.

I am dead serious here.

The same pair.

He worked in a factory, and on concrete. He also wore them when he was doing some chores around the house.

After about 36 years, he started to complain of his feet hurting.

So after 36 years, Dad bought a new pair. He put the old pair in the back of his truck.

Someone stole the damn pair of boots around Christmas Season that year.

Christmas arrived, and my Aunt and Uncle graciously brought a package for him to open.

It was that darn pair of boots. It seems, one of the fellows from work stole them, wrapped them, and gave them to my Aunt and Uncle to give to my Dad.......

It may have been the vodka slush, but we laughed and laughed.

People in small towns, know what you do with your old pair of boots.

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