Friday, December 14, 2007


Funny how different children can be when they are feeling ill.

Sir Rowland is home from school today, I am not sure what is going on. Vague symptoms, and lethargy. Sir Rowland, is docile when ill. He wants to remain still, likes to snuggle and just wants to be left alone, no talking etc. He is low maintenance when ill, which is almost opposite of his nature when he is healthy. He does not have a temperature, but is complaining that he aches, and feels as someone is pulling on the little hairs all over his body, his throat hurts. He does not want to play.

He has not felt well since Wednesday evening at choir practice.

Last night he came in the house, removed his coat, and shoes, and laid in the hallway. I swooped him up and sat with bothe children in the recliner as they slept. Sir Rowland took a nap, that makes 5 since birth. He was simply exhausted.

The only thing that is running through my mind. They have been laying carpet at the school and started Tuesday. I do not do well with chemicals and am hoping this is unrelated. The school reeks with that horrid chemical smell of carpet and carpet glue....

The Principal has been out with migraine because of the carpet business.

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