Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The 3 of us have dental appointments today. Yeah the 3 of us, the Dentists office thinks they are brilliant and scheduled us all at the same time....

Which could be a way to knock it out, or frankly, could end in disaster.

It is sweltering out, and we are doomed to the indoors today, not to mention all of the last minute details for homecoming. Washing linens, dusting, and the like.

There is a pie to make, and I am sure some spot cleaning of carpets.

Oh, and these monkeys, who find it entertaining to irritate the crap out of one another.

Maybe I could start selling tickets to cage matches?

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Tracy said...

yeah, it's even too hot in WI for the kiddos to want to play outside. They are annoying the crap out of each other today.

They have a friend coming over in 30 minutes. He'll be a good buffer. Then I can get something done!

Good luck at the dentist!!