Friday, August 24, 2007

The Police Chief is an ass

Since Sir Rowland is in school now, I have taken to going to a local park in the morning, before the temps will burn our internal organs. Yesterday while at the park, I found a set of keys and sunglasses. So Pink Ninja and I drove to our local Police Station and turned them in. You never know. someone could have been abducted or something, strange things happen all of the time, including this park.

Anyway, I just got a phone call...

AWTM: "Good Afternoon."

Ass: "This is Police Chief so and so, and you need to pick up this set of keys and sunglasses that are taking up space on my desk."

AWTM: "Oh really"

Ass: "Yes."

AWTM: "You do realize I found those keys, and brought them to you figuring since there is a library card, and a grocery card, you could find the identity of the person, and return them to the owner. Finding an abandoned set of keys, can mean absentmindedness, or abduction...."

Ass: "The grocery store will not help the police department in that matter, and frankly after a few days, I just throw these things in the trash, well anyway the detective had your name on the wrong paperwork."

AWTM: "well that sounds like a problem for your detective, and not a SAHM."

Ass: "thanks for bringing the keys in."

AWTM: "anytime."

Now folks I realize, that police have more important things to do than deal with keys. (this is a small town) However, since there was a rape at that park just a few months ago, well one never knows what to do when one finds a set of keys. Also, I would have located the owner myself, but that can be dangerous as well. Also if the police chief had time to call me and be an asshole, I promise you he had time to run to the library and find the rightful owner...the ladies at the library would have been more than helpful, I assure you.

And does one really begin a conversation with this?

"This is Police Chief so and so, and you need to pick up this set of keys and sunglasses that are taking up space on my desk."

I mean that is just rude as far as I am concerned.

It will be interesting to see if I get picked up for speeding this week, I should have been nicer I suppose.

You folks will bail me out won't you?


Anonymous said...

Good grief. The man deserves a smack upside the head. What a jerk!

Linda said...

what is the law coming to nowadays? What a huge butt-wipe that man is. And somewhere, someone's wondering where their keys are, hoping they get turned in. They might make a trip to the PD to see if they had a good samaritan experience...and will they be told, "oh, sorry...we tossed those out a few days ago because they were taking space up on our desk, and the grocery store isn't helpful when it comes to finding key owners, so we figured they couldn't be THAT important and got rid of them."? Yeah...don't THINK so.

Side note: we (read: hubby) called the cops last Friday on our neighbors at 1:00 a.m. due to excessive noise (they JUST moved in 3 days earlier and are already having a party, and oh, they're college guys...three of 'em). Hubs was told, "well the college kids are back in town, and Aggieville is really crazy right now, and since your call isn't an emergency, I don't know when we can send cops your way." It was 3:00 a.m. when it finally got quiet, and it wasn't due to the cops, either. crapheads....(both the neighbors AND the cops!)

Tracy said...

wow that is just amazing. I'm glad he really cares about those in your town. ::sarcasm::

You would think the rape would have made him a little more concerned. . .