Thursday, August 30, 2007

One For the books

Pink Ninja fell asleep on the way home from the commissary today. Which usually means when I pluck her from her booster seat, she wakes.

Not today.

She took a 2 1/2 hour nap!


I should go out and buy a lottery ticket!! (if they was not illegal here).

The good news is the nap was early in the day and should not adversely effect her sleep tonight.

Also a side note, if you have a commissary for the love of GOD use it. I bought scads of groceries for $180.00. Not including bagger tip. Very little in the way of processed foods. I think manicotti noodles, applesauce, and pickles. I also had replinish most cleaning supplies. At a regular grocery store I would hae easlily spent well over $300.00. Well over.

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Linda said...

If you had my commissary, you'd AVOID it with a passion.

Because last week, I went with my son (3 1/2), and stood in line for ONE HOUR, waiting to check out. They started with 3 registers open (along with the express lane - 12 items or less - and the new 25 item or less self-scans, where they HOVER over you). The line seemed not to move. Then I noticed only ONE register open. And the one with a cashier, but the light off. I HEARD her: "I don't care how many people are in line, I am taking a break.".

And 10 minutes later came a plea over the intercom "all auxilliary cashiers, please report to the front". And 20 minutes later, STILL only one register open. My son was incredibly restless, almost got run over twice by other people as he bebopped around, banged his head on the dividers twice. By the time I was 2nd in line, they had opened another register. And by the time I was being checked out (by a guy whose nametag identified him as some stocking manager, not even a TRAINED cashier). Add to that the fact that there is a new computer system giving EVERYONE fits and starts. Yeah. Good times. NOT.

I still spent over $250 and I would have spent that much at WalMart, and NOT had to wait so long.

I only hope that this gets better.