Monday, August 20, 2007

I packed a lunch

It is official, I am a hard core wuss when it comes right down to it.

I packed Sir Rowland's lunch for school.

It was surreal.

Contents of lunch per Sir Rowlands request.

-extraordinary salad with crab/black olives/romaine lettuce/grape tomatoes
-salad dressing
-chips ahoy
-2 juice boxes

Can I tell you, it was surreal, and I kept getting teary eyed, hell I am getting teary eyed just typing this.

Kindregarten is going to kick my behind.

DH assures me all is well, and I am supposed to be sad.

I seriously feel like a Momma bird nudging him out of here.

I will finish this up tomorrow, as DH is home for his final day before heading back to work, and will have Pink ninja at the park. I am going to bake brownies, cry and blog...

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Linda said...

that's quite a lunch! My daughter chose to eat at school the first day (last Friday), but today, the lunch was less than appealing to her (not pizza), so she took a lunch: flour tortilla, strawberries, a fruit rollup and a brownie. And a thermos of orange juice.

She is such a slow eater that I am afraid she will not even finish that. And there's barely anything IN there...sigh....

I love that your son has that GREAT sounding you make it yourself, or can you buy that somewhere?