Thursday, January 03, 2008

when I was a kid.....

I am a bit concerned about how I will weather the winters up north. Seriously.

Our first winter here, well we moved the eve before an ice storm. The only ice storm I have seen down here. We actually moved. We were out of doors in December moving boxes and furniture in December. I do not remember being cold at all. Our first January I called folks back home proclaiming how balmy 40 degrees felt as I raked leaves from my yard. I would go out in the winter with a sweatshirt on laughing at the folks in parks when it was 50 degrees. I would laugh when it gont down to 60, and i could smell people burning wood int he fireplace. Over time, I have become accustomed to keeping our air conditioner on 80 in the summer and 70 in the winter. When we were in Nebraska we kept the heat on 64 or so, and in the summer 70 at best...

7 years later, I have become one of "those people". If it is 40 or colder I note I am freezing. I have gotten soft. I do not want to go outside, I want to stay in the house, because I cannot stand the elements.

I recall watching Monks on National Geogrraphic at one time, sitting in snow, and meditating to maintain a 98.6 body temp or higher, with little on. some sort of trascendental meditation of sorts.

DH keeps telling me, to think warm.....

I really have.

Besides the talk of keeping chickens, and getting the Collective lambs, and some bottle calves, there has been a discussion about how to keep me alive in the cold temperatures.

Talk of flannel lined jeans, long johns, an electric blanket for the car that plugs into the lighter. Seriously. This has been the discussion. Because I am seriously concerned about dying from being cold.



Anonymous said...

Ok, I am using a heating pad at night right now. I can't imagine how you keep warm up there.

pamibe said...

My blood has thinned out, being down here in south Florida, but you know... it really is a different kind of cold. It's dry.

Couple of years ago we took a trip in March to visit friends in Colorado. It snowed, and the temps were supposedly very cold; I couldn't feel it.

Here's hoping you don't feel it, either. :)