Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wrong Side of the Bed.....

I think as adults, we have "bad days". The days where we are not oursleves, grouchy, and unsure why. These kinds of days are often referred to as "I should have stayed in bed today", "waking on the wrong side of the bed".

Yesturday was one of those days for Dear Dash. Pink Ninja has few of those days. Oh she does have them, just not often. So I count on Dash to have a bad day at least once out of every 9 days.

It is sad to me, they are so frequent, and that somethimes NOTHING helps.

So yesturday, I had to plug in harder than normal, and tell him, even Mommy and Daddy have bad days. I also feel it is my job as his tour guide of this planet to teach him how to deal with bad days. I am no expert, I retreat on bad days.

Today seems better, there are art projects, construction paper, scissors and glue, boxes that were sitting in the garage with no purpose. We are "making creations"....

He is quietly cutting, and sitting. Pink Ninja chewing on crackers as a mid-morning snack... fighting sleep. You see Pink Ninja needs a nap every day at 10:00am. She rarely gives in to the sleep beast. She will fight her way out of a nap, before giving in....

And Mom, well even though I literally "rolled" out of bed because I am fighting my own beasts of time and gravity, it is a good day.

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