Monday, May 15, 2006

Fashion faux paux

I called Boudicca this morning to check on her after her trip to the land of the "riche rat". I wanted to make sure she was "ok". You know survived her trip with her 3 boys.

To those of you that have children, you know that the words "family vacation" are an oxymoron. "Family Vacation".

Family vacation means Moms are in charge of feeding, clothing, snacking, packing, drying wet swim trunks, keeping tennis shoes dry, and referring fights in public, all while on a budget that is ruled by time and money.

So, Boudicca assures me "all is well". Of course she is, because we have to be. There is no choice. Even when the umbilical cord is cut, it remains intact.

I also note she has just returned from a blog meet in Austin, and I from a meet in D.C. We both traveled sans children to these events.

We spoke with people, without small fingers poking us in the ribs repeatedly and saying "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.." We both actually spoke with other adults, without interrupting a conversation with the sentences "do you have to pee?"

When Boudicca returned from Austin, she shared photos of her trip and I mine. Guess what, we both had WHITE SHIRTS on. Something you would normally never do with children around. A crisp white shirt is an invitation to be used as a tissue, toilet paper, napkin, vomit bucket. When I mentioned this to Bou, she retorted with "I even wore mine out to barbecue"....

A Mom, wearing a white shirt out in public, it is almost as insane as wearing pearls to make dinner.

To all of the Moms I know, your favorite t-shirt does make the best of accessories when out and about with the kiddos. It does. There is no worry about cheeto prints, or dirty hands. Your favorite t-shirt looks great with no make-up and a ball cap.

Sometimes however , it feels nice to have a crisp white shirt on, even if it is only for 3 hours.

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Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention that because whenever her and I talked for any length of time in Austin, she kept interrupting our conversation by asking me "do you have to pee?"