Sunday, May 28, 2006

Decoration Day

Decoration Day, 1908

Let us meet where the soldier boys lay,
Let us bring forth Old Glory once more,
Let us tell of the valor today
That was shown in the battles of yore;
Let us meet where the trenches were deep,
In the woodland on mountain or hill,
Where the sons of Old Glory now sleep,
Though the cannon and musket are still.

Let us meet, yes, with reverent hearts
While a remnant remains with us yet,
Let us tell, though the tear often starts,
Of the days we should never forget;
Of the soldier who kissed the hot tears
From the cheeks 0f a maiden, that burned,
Of the maiden that waited long years
For a soldier that never returned.

Let us tell of the prison walls dumb,
Where the wounded and sick called in vain
For a mother with water to come
And cool off a feverish brain;
Let us tell of the vigil at night,
Of marches through mud and the rain,
Of the charge at the dawn's early light
When thousands and thousands were slain.

Ah, yes; we will tell it today,
That the youth 'neath Old Glory may hear;
On each grave a fond token we'll lay
For the heroes we love and revere.
For so long as Old Glory shall wave,
Yes, so long as our hearts shall beat true,
We will honor the true and the brave
Who fought for the Red, White and Blue.
~Ed Blair.

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