Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pioneering Spirit

In a couple of days, I am headed to the Great Plains, land of wind, corn and cattle to visit my Father, and the rest of the my extended family. Including a gorgeous niece I have not seen for almost a year.

I am following the footsteps of many of my ancestors and making the trek across the prarie in my "truwk". Oh sure it is faster than a Conestoga, but with 2 toddlers it might feel like a month.

My computer use will be very limited, as all do not have "fancy computer thingys" back home.

I do plan on taking a lot of photos. Perhaps before and after photos of my Father's all white livingroom. Perhaps before and after photos of relatives that "thought" they wanted to see us. I am sure the kids will break something at my Dads, they always do, I will take a photos of that as well. We have been told the neighbor lady, is excited to put "the collective" in a buggy, pulled by a tiny white pony.

I will manage fine I am sure. There are people to see, stories to catch up, food to be eaten.

I have also managed to convince a few people to man the blog while I am away.

I am thrilled they have agreed to keep things fresh around here. I also trust you will enjoy them, as much as I do. The life experience combined by the women should be informative, and inspiring.

Keep My Soldier Safe
Soldier's Angels Germany
Air Force Family
My Life As A Military Spouse

I am also waiting to hear from:
Lee Anns View These are ladies, I enjoy reading daily. I am also thrilled they have agreed to write here. They have a lot of experience to offer. So grab your coffee, a box of tissues, chocolates. We have things to talk about.

Welcome to my kitchen ladies....

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Anonymous said...

Gonna miss you. Hope that dial up isn't too terribly slow.