Friday, May 12, 2006

Hanging out Laundry

Taking the day off....not much to say.

I have spent the last couple of weeks, very plugged in to the Casa De Dust and those surrounding it. Almost to the point of requiring a some sort of emotional surge protector. I am afraid AWTM, is a bit of an emotional sponge. I am empathetic with others to a fault.

DH, very busy with work right now. Which normally I can deal with. However 2 wars can change a person. He has come home this round in need of a space, a cave he can go to. Although I am afraid there is none. So I have tried to help him dig one out. Trying to give him his empty space.

It is hard to explain, although I know there is a Wife, or a Mom right need reading this....and maybe understanding what I am saying.

I have arranged a date tonight, maybe that will help. I think a ride on the bike may be in order....

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