Monday, May 01, 2006

I will leave the light on

So I watched the car drive up the lane, and they were gone. Pink Ninja and I left waving at the moving car. The sky blue, the birds chirping and my jasmine vine blooming...

I had the pleasure of playing hostess to very good friends.

I hear a tap- tap -tap on my rear kitchen door, and I peek out and see Tammi!!! So I go out and hug her, and drag her in my house kicking and screaming. I always forget how absolutely tall Tammi is. DH, walked in the kitchen, and I said..."I told you she was tall". DH who is a hugger, gave Tammi a big squeeze. Yeah, I think he hugged her first. That may be a first in herstory.

That One Guy, stopped in again. Always a great guest, he was immediately grabbed by Dash and pulled into playing trains. Dash also greeted T1G, by saying, "I defeated you at air hockey!!"

We got to dine on my meatloaf, a couple of cocktails followed and then cherry pie.

Bedtime was late, and Casa De Dust smallish, so T1G got the couch. Tammi got to room with Pink Ninja. (personal note to Tammi...did you knock your head on the petite chandelier?) I guess Tammi slept well. T1G claims I have a ghost, he did not sleep well and heard knocks, and noises all night. That, is just Great T1G, no ghosts, until you bring them from Illinois, or Austin or wherever you folks have been . On second thought, while T1G and Tammi were in Austin, they went to Stevie Ray Vaughns resting place. Heck maybe the house is now haunted by Mr. Vaughn now. I do not think DH would mind, but I for one, ain't a fan of hauntings...

This morning, it was coffee, breakfast, and watching Pink Ninja curl up on Tammi's lap, Dash making contraptions for T1G, T1G making paper airplanes for Dash. More coffee, and more Army Wife stomping her feet, "do ya have to go"?"

Safe travels, enjoy the meatloaf sandwiches, and when tired, pull over.

Oh, and I have lived down South for a while now, so I can say this

"yawl' come back now ya hear"

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