Monday, May 22, 2006

Return To Sender...

Dash, is echolaic. Yeah yeah, most kids are.

This week the phrase has been.

"Over The Hedge opens in theaters May 19"

Since I do not have the luck of both children being able to sit through a movie. DH and Dash have become movie buddies. This is also huge, because about one year ago, Dash was terrified of movie theaters. Strangers, vast darkness, the noise. Now, he loves the theater.

So today Dash asked for a pencil, and got his notebook. In his best "pretend cursive" he proceeded to write his Father a letter.

The following is how Dash "translated" said letter.

Dear Daddy,

Over The Hedge, the movie, opened in theaters May 19, it is after that. So, you need to take me to the movie. If you do not take me to the movie, I will have you put in jail.


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