Saturday, May 06, 2006

Third Eye

Every night I sit in the rocker recliner, and I read to "the collective". And during story time, there is a spot on Pink Ninja's forehead, that even at 2 1/2 is baby soft. Baby skin. It, is the softest skin I have ever touched. I sit and rub this spot, and eventually she will relax. I have noted, over the last couple of months-however, it is changing. It is no longer baby skin.......not as soft, it is disappearing. So now, every night when I sit, I contemplate skipping it entirely, because one of these nights "the spot" will be gone. The last of the baby skin in the house will be gone.

Last night, was no different, I turn on the lamp, and we sit in dim light and begin to read. My Dash, wraps his little hands around my forehead, and leans into my face . He then says, Mommy your forehead has wrinkles that look like a rainbow".....

I wonder what my own Mother would have thought of my baby skin evolving into a rainbow of wrinkles?

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