Sunday, May 21, 2006


My Sunday was better than I could have imagined. Probably because I put up the floodgates, while waiting for whatever "could" happen. I was cool, nothing happened. I did not really "cook" today. I tried to stay out of the kitchen. I did grill steaks for dinner, but the kitchen is tricky territory. I protected myself. I also had A LOT of errands to run, and was successful, in getting most of them accomplished. Although, tommorow is another errand filled day.

So today , was a good Day. Dash was great, behaved sweetly. Except for trying to hang up on his Grampanio, and his Gramma. Otherwise, he was chatty, and sweet, and a delight. Pink Ninja told me, "NO", and "NO" so many times and in so many ways, it drove me nuts. The other problem with Pink Ninja right now, is the perpetual motion thing. She is moving all of the time. When we are at home, I do not mind the motion. However it is something, when you are in a cart, or trying to dine out. So, we had a sort of battle of the wills all day. I think she won. I was ready for bed time tonight.

A full day, a good day.

Thank you to Bou, Tammi, and VW for the calls.

It really was just another day for me, until I call my Dad tonight. I did not bring up the date or mention it to him.

Me: "Hey, how was your day?"

Dad: "Good."

Me: "What did you do?"

Dad: "Went to Walmart, bought some plants, Lady Friend and I planted some lillies. Then We went to the cemetary. We took scrub brushes and soap and water and we scrubbed your Mom's stone, and then Lady Friends husband's stone. We pulled weeds, and then went to your cousins headstone and cleaned that up too."

Me: "Good" (but thinking, what a long day it was for him, and recalling yesterday was my parent's 43rd anniversary)

Dad: "We are getting dinner ready now"

Me: "good"

I think I said more than just good through the conversation, but I cannot recall. The thought of my Dad crouched down scrubbing my Mothers headstone saddens me. A loving thing to do. The fact remains that he is not only scrubbing her headstone, he is scrubbing his own. Running a brush over his name and the empty departure date.

Today might have been OK here at Casa De Dust, however I think of the vastness of my prarie, and envision my Father today. I wish i could have helped him scrub, or at least give him a hug when he was done today.

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