Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On Weight, Age and Gravity.....

Ok, it is summer, it is hotter than Hades. My Swimsuit from last year is a bit big, it is still doable. I will say this. I do think I desrve a new one. I have worked hard. Even if it one dress size in a year. Yeah, all of my hard work, and one dress size.

That is alright, I do think the loss of a dress size is a permanent one. I have not weighed myself, and I do not want to. The scale has become my nemesis.

Problem areas are as follows. My tummy, even after months of pilates. It is better, still a problem. I also need something I can chase 2 small children in, something I can bend and left in. Something I will not run around in and think "OH my God, I am having to run in a swimsuit!" Another area, my waist...what waist. Exactly.

So, no more bikinis. I am over it, it has been over 4 years.

On another note, I am almost 36, am not a size 5 or 8 for that matter...

*post script*

oh, I insist on a skirt, my ass has aged with the rest of me...*

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