Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hello everyone, this is Stacy from Keep My Soldier Safe, another helper of AWTM's.

When AWTM ask me to write a post, about how life is with Michael home, do I sleep better, and if I was already awaiting his next deployment, I thought no problem at all, this will be a breeze.

Well, I thought wrong. I have thought and thought on the three things that she ask me to talk about, and I was at a loss for words for several days. I guess I did not realize how hard for me it is to stop and think about those 18 months. I can say that sending him off to war was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, then the greatest day was on Christmas Eve 2005 when those Boots touched Mississippi ground at Camp Shelby.

I’ll start off with the answer to “DO I SLEEP BETTER?” You bet your last dollar that I sleep better. I have slept so sound since Christmas Eve 2005. I forgot how good it felt to sleep the whole night through. I use to go to bed around 8:00 pm before Michael was deployed. For the 11 months that he was in Iraq, there was never a time when I recall getting in the bed before 11:00 pm, nor do I recall sleeping the whole night through. If I got 4 hours of sleep a night, I was doing good. So it is wonderful to sleep the whole night through. I always had my laptop right beside my bed, just in case he was able to log on to yahoo. I was constantly waking up to see if he was online. My cell phone was always glued to my side no matter what.

“How is life with Michael Home?’ IT’S GREAT. No stress, and no sleepless nights, except for those night when I know he’s out on his motorcycle.

“Am I already waiting his next deployment?” Yes and no. Something tells me that he will be deployed again, as they did not have them turn in their equipment, but maybe, just maybe that is how our government really works. I am sure it is a great possibility that he might be deployed again, I just don’t think I am quite ready for it. I definitely learned a lot through the first deployment. The second one can’t be any easier, I just know what to expect the next time.
Michael has moved out on his own several weeks ago, so I have a slight case of the empty nest syndrome I think. He is only 15 minutes away. Much better than the 7500 miles away when he was in Iraq.
Thanks AWTM for asking me to guest post.

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