Friday, May 26, 2006

I am here...

Tired but here.

The trip, not a terrible one. Imagine that. We managed to make it about 10 hours, without a DVD, and only one hour of handheld leapster game. The Collective was great. REALLY. I cannot complain. They must have a bit of "gypsy" blood in them.

Dash won the good contest, Pink ninja coming in a close second.

In other developments. My niece ADORABLE, simply adorable. Naturally curly hair, and smart as a whip. Pink Ninja and Curly Sue, got along fantastically. They are sure to get into some sort of trouble in the future. They tried to outlast one another tonight, and buzzed around here on giggles and adrenoline until almost 11:00pm. Yeah, MUCH later than the norm.

Dash gave in early, knowing there was no way he could tolerate their poking and proding.

So far nothing broken, no fits thrown, 2 rabbit dens found. "The girls" wanting to care for the tiny bunnies, dress them and care for them.

Dash has managed to get lucky. There is a Child sized Thomas the Tank Engine here in the garage, complete with track. Neither of the girls can figure out how it works, so Dash was able to enjoy without interruption.

Spaghetti for dinner, delish.

Brother, and I spending the day with all of the children tommorow.

*On a side note*

I am freakishly climatizing to the Southern climate. I am finding the "Northern temps....a little chilly. Yes even at 84 degrees...Wow, I never saw it coming.

Can you say wuss?

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