Thursday, May 18, 2006


I have a honey do list...for myself, of all people. Damn. I wish the list would dwindle down.

1) Return pink suit to Speigal via UPS. (It was too pink, and a little to big)
2) Return white pants to Stein Mart. (white pants, who am I kidding, they would NEVER get worn)
3) Vacuum out my beloved truwk, for pending road trip.
4) Windex finger prints off of beloved truwk windows (pet peeve, icky windows)
5) Finish your book, so you can return it to the library.
6) Return kids books.
7) Make out bills.
8) Make Dear Husband his list
9) Find vincas, or petunias, and marigolds to go up front in planters.
10) Mail graduation cards.
11) Do Flat Stanley project, for Sister-in Law, and get the dude in the mail ASAP!!
12) Finish laundry, and put it AWAY
13) Make Tammi's Mexican Manicotti , and a salad for dinner.
14) Get _______'s address in Iraq, so Dear Husband can mail him a box of much needed gear.

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