Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sisters in Arms...

One of my favorite things about the mil-blogging conference, the women. The Angels, and the Wives, the Mammas, the Organizers, the News breakers, the Women in Uniform, the menders, the Filmmakers, and the Volunteers. What an inspirational bunch.

I really was proud to stand by you, and sit by you, and talk with you.

Brave women, all of them in their own rights. It seems as if those, that have been hit the hardest had the biggest smiles of all.

I got to thank a lot of the Soldier's Angels. I tried to make a point of thanking each one of them.

You see, when my Dear Husband was deployed for 18 months, I prayed for the best, and prepared for the worst. There were days, I was afraid to come home, or watch the news. There were the 72 hour blackouts, in which these families would be receiving notification of deaths....

I did take comfort in knowing an organization like Soldiers Angels existed, and that, if something ever did happen. I knew I could call on them. Because I knew I would not know what direction to go. I knew they had my back. So honestly, there were certain things I did not look into, that I probably should have. Simply because I could not bear the details. So my plan seriously included, calling Soldiers Angels if something happened. Those are big shoes to fill, and ladies, it is a lot for me to ask of you. However it allowed me to preserve what was left of my optimism.

The best part is, we did not have to ask you to serve us. You did it, because you knew we needed you. You knew what "we needed", when we did not, or could not bear to think about it. That is truly amazing.

My Family thanks you.

*apologies to anyone inadvertantly left out of this post, 200 people in 72 hours..ouch*

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