Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pink Ninja Training Camp, lesson #234.

Pink Ninja with her temporary splint on..... Posted by Hello

This is recollection of events that occurred on Saturday May 21, 2005 as remembered by Pink Ninja....Transcribed by her Momma.

I was sitting at the kitchen table with an orange crayon, trying to draw a bird I recall seeing outside earlier in the day. Why I was handed an orange crayon is beyond me, I mean really an "orange mockingbird", really. Momma was unloading dishwasher, Dash was in his room building with his train tracks.

Then it occurred to me "I should stand in this chair". So I stood up as fast as I could, then I sat down real fast. My Momma said, "Pink Ninja, you better sit down, you will fall." My Mom is old, slow, and knows nothing of the lightening quick reflexes that my Ninja training has brought to me. So I try this feat again I stand fast and sit just as fast, in fact it was so fast I was sure this Momma of mine would never see it. She caught me midsit and said. "Pink Ninja, what did I say? No standing on furniture, you will fall and go boom." I smiled at her, with one of my prize winning smiles, I learned this smile trick from my Pink Ninja psychological training course, when I was 3 months. The smile works every time. I decided I would try this sit and stand thing one more time, this time I know I can do it without being noticed by Momma. So I stood up fast, and Momma turns her head, I lost my balance somehow. Like I said Momma is SLOW, and she let me hit the floor. I hit my head, and Momma got an ice pack and rocked me for an hour. I only cried for a second. I spent the rest of the day trying out my other Ninja skills, my right arm was a little tender, but I was still able to use it. I could even pull myself up onto the couch and other furniture with it.

Momma noticed my arm was swollen and took me to the hospital ER, Dash and Daddy came with. It was cool. I got to meet 2 young Drs. They did not think my arm was broken due to my ability to still use arm, and they were also surprised I was giggling and smiling the entire time. "If it was broken you would think she would cry". There were a lot of babies crying, many whose injuries and illnesses were not as severe. They have not learned the Ninja secret of stealth, they're cries were just giving away their position.

They had me go to radiology which was great, they had better toys than the ER, they also had more chairs to climb on. So I went into X-ray with my Momma, and they held my arm down. There is nothing worse than being restrained. This made me very upset, and the fact that my own Momma was helping these insane people expose me to these cancer causing x-rays was very upsetting.

The x-rays came back as positive for a fracture of both my ulna and radius. I must speak with my
"Ninja trainer" on strengthening my radius and ulna. I do not want to be in this precarious position again.

So the 2 physicians and my Momma, put my temporary plaster splint on. They thought I was being such a "good baby" and sat "so nicely". I was simply paying attention to how they splinted my arm. You will never know when medical skills are needed. I may have to use this skill at a later time.

The bad news, I can not wear my "Ninja" clothes, due to the nature of this temporary splint. I am doomed to a life in tank tops for the next few weeks I am afraid. I also have to go to an Orthopedic surgeon on Monday for a consultation. They may have to reduce the fracture and put a regular full cast on.

Oh, by the way this plaster splint is heavy and makes a great weapon, I am using it on Dash when the Momma isn't looking. I wonder if the full cast will be a better weapon?


Tammi said...

Dearest Pink Ninja,

Why oh why must you torment your mommy so? It is a well known Ninja secret that you must HIDE your skills....they are only to be used in dire circumstances. Well, that and during training. Showing "mere mortals" your abilities is strictly against the Ninja Code.

I can only hope you have learned your lesson and that the Ninja Patrol will not be too hard on you.

Oh - and please be gentle with Dash. He can only envy your powers. Humility - my dear. It's a gift.

**Note to Mommy: Oi Vey - what a day you had.......hope today is better!!!

That 1 Guy said...

Poor kid... but that's what happens when you don't listen to the old slow people... wait, I meant, "slow old people.!"

Hope you're feelin' better!

Katy said...

Holy Cow!!! I cannot believe she was still playing. Man, you breed them tough!

Sue said...

Oh wow!
Pink Ninja, if you ever wonder what those grey hairs are coming out of Momma's head, it may just be your gentle charm and poise!

Seriously, what a weekend!!! Hope the recovery is as smooth as the injury (one tough little girl you have there!)!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

dear pink ninja... if you do these wonderful, acrobatic and death-defying tricks as often as my #2 son, they will know you by name when you arrive at the ER! you will have your very own card in the "childhood injuries" rolodex and if you get enough of your mishaps on the card, all the nurses and doctors will look at your momma and big D like some kind of horrible people! won't that be fun??? (note to slow momma: let's hope she gets fully verbal really fast so PN can tell the Drs. & nurses what happened -- and then they won't look at you hard the next ER visit LOL)

Anonymous said...

Dear Pink Ninja-

I fear you have been taking your lessons from my three Ninjas. In the house of Bou we know those ER doctors very well.

Let me advise you that your Pink Ninja Stealthy skills also do not work when jumping in and out of an inflatable pool, repeatedly. That also results in a fracture.

On a happy Pink Ninja note, have fun picking out the color of your cast! Pink will be an awesome color for you! And Paint works on those new Ninja casts!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when my daughter was 3, we visited my Mom & Dad (3 states away) for the summer. Daughter falls down the steps, 9 stitches in her mouth. Then at Thanksgiving when we went to visit again, she jumped off my Mom's bed into her nightstand, 4 stitches on the cheek. We go to the SAME emergency room, and see the SAME triage nurse, who of course assumes (incorrectly, I might add) that we are beating her. After her stitches were in and we were resting at Grandma's, I asked her why she liked to jump so much.

Her response?

"Because I can Fly, Daddy."

After repeated attempts to assure that she could not, in fact, fly, I asked her "who told you you could fly?"

Without missing a beat, she looks me right in the eye and says "Jesus told me I could fly!"

All in all, I think I'd rather take the broken bones.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pink Ninja,

Like Tammi said, you are supposed to hide those skills. Hope you are better soon, and that the old slow people are better soon too. :) Also, keep hiding the respect lessons for Dash...

Contagion said...

Pink Ninja, you really should listen to your mother. However if you want to work on bone strengthening, you need to speak with Clone. I think he developed a way this weekend to not only make his bones stronger, but more flexable.

AWTM: Two words. Duct Tape.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the great advice, I especially liked to hear that the pool is a dangerous place for others. I was beginning to think it was simply me. Bone strengthening? Fantastic, I need to do this.

Anonymous said...

"the fact that my own Momma was helping these insane people expose me to these cancer causing x-rays was very upsetting."

Silly Ninja. Radiation is your FRIEND! Gives you super-powers, you know ;-)

The Bobo Knitter said...

hmmm, something in the water on Saturday? In the A.M. mine took a header down the stairs and hyperextended his wrist, also got a great bump on his head. Then in the P.M. He thought it would be funny to "fly" off the toilet, me being too slow simply watched, horrified as his face made contact with the tile floor and that tiny hyperextended wrist is now quite bruised and sprained, not broken though Arghhh.

Anonymous said...

Dear AWT Mom:

Now I know what my mother went through with all my broken bones. Yes, plural. I have had a break in ever limb. My legs have more ligament tears and additional breaks from living life as an adventurous Tom-boy most of my life.

My karmic payback? I gave birth to a son who's exactly like me! Sigh. I so feel for you. I'll keep all 3 of you in my prayers for a speedy recovery and a very healthy summer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pink Ninja-

This cast will have many powers. But as Tammi said, you must hide these powers and only use them for good.

So, when the urge to wack your brother with your new weapon, abstain. When you want to smash your dinner on the table with your new weapon, abstain. When you find out the neat noise your weapon makes against the table, door or bed...abstain.

When your mom is holding you, and you want to jump and where you throw that thing! :-)


Your Bad Example Family!

littlejoe said...

Ahh, Pink Ninja-san, you have learned the art of forgetting you are injured. Learn to value this art, as it will make Dr's and ER nurses stare in amazement when you walk in with injuries that make grown men weep.

vw bug said...

Pink Ninja, please be careful not to show others these skills. And I hope you get well soon.

AWTM, OMG! I hope you are doing better yourself. Best wishes on getting the cast off soon!

David said...

Pink Ninja: Just wanted to alert you to the garden gnome-in-training over at Boudicca's... (See comments on Butterfly garden update)

Jody said...

Dear Pink Ninja-

Please do not tell my daughter that girls do those things. I am trying to make her believe, from early on, that only boys do death defying acts.

Thank you,
Mamma Geek

Anonymous said...

Pink Ninja:

The force is strong in that one.

Get Well Soon