Tuesday, May 10, 2005

That Walmart is one hell of a matchmaker

Well, it sounds like my Dad and his new "friend", spent a lot of time together this past weekend. My Sister-in-law called with the "report". Thursday night dinner at a local restaurant. Saturday he called her and the spent the afternoon together, Saturday night date at a local restaurant. Sunday he had her for a family brunch, he even had a bottle of wine chilled. He calls her on the phone, and takes the phone to the garage for privacy. He wore his "good ranger cap". He said she has pretty eyes.

She also has reported, he seems happy and excited. His entire affect has changed. He seems happy about his life again. His bitterness is fading. He enjoyed my neices visit. He was asking questions about dating, where to go, etc.

This makes me smile.

He has been suffering with terrible depression since my Mothers diagnosis, and her slow decline in health. My Father was struggling with some sort of survivor's guilt.

Yeah for you DAD!!! Keep smiling we love to see you happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Bobo Knitter said...

You know, at their age, they have to speed things up a bit! ;) Glad he is starting to enjoy life again.

Contagion said...

As long as he's happy, thats what really matters. I don't know about your father, but if he's anything like mine. Don't give him too hard of a time about it, or he'll stop seeing her because he doesn't want to deal with you and your sister giving him crap about it.