Monday, May 23, 2005

Where is my mind?

Pink Ninja, appears to be on the mend. She is playing like her Pink Ninja self, and it is almost not noticeable she has broken 2 bones. She does get a little fatigued from toting the cast, but does not like the sling. She has adapted well to the "temporary plaster splint. We cannot get her into the Orthopedic surgeon until tomorrow, then we have her regular 18 month old check up. So I am waiting to be given "the look" tomorrow by everyone we come in contact with. It will be a LONG afternoon.

Has she "learned" anything about climbing, did her injury put any fear in her. No. Darn, I was really hoping it would have scared her a bit. She is still climbing onto anything "resembling anything to climb".

I am glad is was not Dash that hurt his arm, he would be in distress over having a cast on, he is very slow to adapt, and slow to transition. He would be a mess. SO I will thank God it is not him.

It is rainy out, so we are doomed to a life indoors. I am grateful I went out and bought craft supplies yesterday. Googly eyes, glitter, glue, pom poms, popsicle sticks, and I did manage to find the safety scissors the other afternoon.

I have a lot of things to catch up on around here. So I will be scrubbing toilets, and planing a menu suitable for guest. Not in that order. We are having husbands "Step-Dad" here this week. We will also be going to a few shows while he is here. BB King is going to be in town, as well as Hank Williams Jr. This will be a big treat for me. I really want to see BB King, and have never been in the right place at the right time. I am really looking forward to this show. I am trying to recall the last "show" I went to?

What was the last "show" you went to?


vw bug said...

I'm still waiting to start going to the emergency room for broken bones. And show? I think the last show we saw was West Side Story about 6 years ago. Having kids sure can change what you get to do!

Anonymous said...

Have been lucky here too. 2 boys (9&5) no broken bones yet. Can't remember the last concert I went to, but I too am going to see BB King this week. I am so pumped. Hope you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

She is so damn cute, it's scary. She's very smoochy!!! Seriously, that picture of her with that grin and splint completely cracks me up.

She is going to heal quickly. Her cellular regeneration is very quick. You'll be surprised.

OK, last show... Les Mis, 11 years ago. I'm pathetic. Oh wait, I'm a Mom... Yeah, I'm pathetic. I'd love to see Sting in concert...

Anonymous said...

I saw Josh Groban in concert in February. I love concerts! I think I'm going to go see Lifehouse on Wed night in Myrtle Beach. We'll see.

If you were wanting an actual show show, I saw Blue Man Group for my birthday last July. I LOVED IT!! It was a great show!

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I missed all this over the weekend. The closest I ever got to this was when my son got hold of a hot iron and burned his palm - badly! And here I thought I had put it well out of his reach... *sigh* (ain't now such thing) Ah well, he healed up... I hope Pink Ninja's bones heal up very quickly too.

Anonymous said...

I saw Neil Diamond a couple years back.

He wasn't nearly as lame as I expected, & the Mrs. had a great time.