Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The early bird gets the worm.

"Dash" the 3 year old was up at 5 this morning. He was crying...And I must never get deep sleep, because I heard him. I go in his room, and crawl into his little fire engine bed.

Me: What is wrong baby?

Dash: Why won't you let me drive?

Me: You are too little to drive honey.

Dash: I am not. I am big.

Me: Were you dreaming about wanting to drive?

Dash: No.

Me: It is still night, the moon is out...Go to sleep.

Dash: I love you Mom, why can't I drive?

Me: There is a rule that says you have to be 16.

Dash: I am not tired.

Me: Mommy is tired, everyone is still sleeping.

Dash: You have pretty hair.

Me: Sshhhhh, lets try and sleep.

Dash: OK Mommy.

He never did go back to sleep, and neither did I.


Katy said...

I hate when they wake up that early and do not go back to sleep, but I sure love the cuddeling that goes on while I try to get them back to sleep.

vw bug said...

We need to live closer so our kids can have a pajama party. That way when they wake up at 4:45am, they can entertain each other and we can get some sleep!!

The Bobo Knitter said...

Mine gets up at that time, crawls into my bed and says "mommy, move over" to which I obediently oblige. He then says "I watch PV mom?" To which I then hand him the remote, roll over and go back to sleep, so far, so good.