Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Movie Meme!!

Got this Meme from Katy, over at The Grass Isn't Greener.

I love reading Katy, and usually her 3 toddlers, prove to do something crazier than my 2. Go over and take a look. Blogging appears to be a "REAL LIFE" family affair with Katy and hers. Her mother-in-law runs the Hen House, her husband is Cowboy over at My Adventures in Life, Her Father-in-law runs Double Creek Limousine, and finally Katy's brother is Jack Army. No that is a link full.

Go visit them and tell them hello!

The Movie meme:

1) The number of DVD's I own:

Probably around 250. We never rent.

2) The last DVD I bought:

Dear Husband bought "Sideways" for me. We loved it.

3) The last DVD I watched:


4) Five movies that I watch a lot (in no particular order) that mean a lot to me:

Auntie Mame

Gone With The Wind


Grapes of Wrath

Yours, Mine, and Ours

5) Tag 5 other people with this Meme...

Tammi, my Blog Momma, Boudicca, Closet Extremist Teresa, and Donna. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Oh crap, the meme is in the family now...

I might as well write mine up, since I'm going to get hit with it sooner or later...

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Mine is going to be so short and pathetic... Really.

Tammi said...

I could be in trouble. My DVDs are in one of the mystery boxes in the storage room....

but for you darlin', I'm rack my brain!

Katy said...

Thanks for playing;)

Anonymous said...

I thought "Sideways" was amusing on a variety of levels. I think the favorite aspect of the movie for me was how it made fun of people who try to posture themselves as being a success in an activity where success can't be objectively measured to compensate for the fact that they have basically accomplished nothing of worth in their lives. For a mainstream Hollywood movie, I thought it was pretty original.