Monday, May 09, 2005

How I spent my Mother's Day.....

I spent most of the day yesterday CLEANING and COOKING. How very Mom of me. Like I said in the previous post, Mother's Day is kind of hard on me...So I try and ignore it.

Dear husband knows this, so I did get showered with gifts. I got a new deep freezer, the upright kind. Now I can freeze more shit, and will be waiting for the ducks, turkey, and deer seasons! I also got a beautiful set of ScanPans. They are gorgeous, and if I had the dough, I would buy some for every cook I know. They cook things beautifully, and clean up quickly. They also have a lifetime warranty. I was in desperate need of new pans. I do enjoy cooking and am a great cook. I have been using the same pans for 14 years. I also got 2 CD's I have been wanting to replace. Somewhere over the 14 years of marriage and the 9 moves things get lost. So now why I am cooking dinner I can dance to the Pixies. I also got to go shopping Saturday for 4 hours. This would have thrilled me normally, but I need an outfit for the upcoming "National Guard Officers Convention". I do not like shopping, when I need something specific. I can never find "exactly" what I want. It was nice trying on clothes alone, and not having to chase the toddlers under the dressing room door. It was also nice, not having anyone announce that I "have boobies" for the whole place to hear.

Anyway yesterday I spent the day preparing a meal and our home for guests. We had one of my husbands soldier buddies over, and he brought his girlfriend. It was a nice meal of Prime rib, baked potatoes, salad, dinner rolls, and peach pie a la mode. Some delicious wine. I did good on dinner. The conversation was dull to me. Lots of "gun talk", his Army buddy is a full time Police Officer, 2nd generation. So there were a lot of cop stories and gun stories. Lots of trying to talk me into becoming more proficient with a shotgun instead of using my 22. I told them I wouldn't mind shooting someone more than once if I had to. Not exactly my cup of tea for more than an hour.

I let "Dash" and "Pink Ninja" entertain me, and let Dash impress our visitors with his "parlor tricks". He can locate several countries on the globe now. Australia, Japan, China, and the United States. He loves the globe, and is curious about it. He is curious beyond his 3 years.

I stayed up a little later than normal and cleaned up the kitchen, and was ready to be done with Mothers Day.


vw bug said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's day that will give you fun memories in the future. BTW, I did two loads of laundry, dishes, and so on... But we did get takeout for dinner!

Bou said...

I uesd to love it when I was in a public restroom or a changing room and one of my boys would announce to anyone and everyone in listening distance what kind of underwear I was wearing. LOOOVVVE That.