Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Foul ball.

I am trying to get my "domestic engineering projects" complete this am. We have a busy afternoon ahead of us. 2 Drs. Appointments. Really. Pink Ninja sees the orthopedic surgeon today, as well as her regular pediatrician for her 18 month check up. I have tried to convince her a nap would be in her best interests, but she doesn't believe me. Of course these Drs. Appointments are right in the middle of nap time. So I have been tending to the house, and the children like mad. Trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, getting laundry done. I hate putting the laundry away, it is my LEAST favorite chore. I have no idea why, I just hate it. I would rather scrub the tub out.

One of our neighbors is vacationing, and her dog got loose, so I had to run over to her house, and see if the other dogs are ok. I also had to call husband and ask him to fix the fence when he gets home. I guess the dog found a "weak" spot.

Getting Miss Pink Ninja dressed these days is no easy feat. She loves to be naked, and HATES clothes. Protests heavily. She loves jewelry, hats, shoes, bracelets, necklaces, just doesn't want to wear other clothing. Dash is the opposite, HAS to be clothed.....And very rarely will keep a hat on.

Dash thinks Pink Ninja's cast is unusual. He also said "she needs one on the other arm, and her face." Isn't that just like a brother.

I am nervous about this Drs. Visit, and am hoping they can reduce these breaks without a surgical procedure. I am dreading the idea of her in an uncomfortable cast. No water, no sand. That is all we do around here, we go from the sprinkler, to the pool, to the sand.

I am also worried this reduction of breaks is going to be painful for her. Ugh. My least favorite sound is that of my babies crying in pain.

The other thought that keeps crossing through my brain..If we already have 2 broken bones at 18 months, what will happen to her by age 6. This has never been a worry with Dash. He is NOT reckless, he does not practice death defying feats, he is even scared to ride on his Father's shoulders. He is overly cautious......This is a new ballgame for me.


Caltechgirl said...

plastic bags, sweetie. plastic bags.

You wrap them around the cast, hold them on with big rubber bands and tuck the ends in. She can even change the way the cast looks by drawing on the plastic bags and then you can change them everytime she wants to play in the water or the sand.

Just don't let Dash pour sand down the inside :)

A friend of mine was about her age when he broke his arm, and although he couldn't go in the pool, he could play in the sprinkler and the sandbox that way when we were kids....

Rachelle Jones said...

yeah I know all of the tricks, saran wrap plastic bags...(I am a LPN)...I do know an 18 month old and a 3 year old can out manuever any "precautionary measure" I make.

God Knows what they will find in this temporary spilnt today.....macaroni, pocorn, crackers, a toy? It is like Christmas.

Katy said...

I will be hoping for the best. Steven loves the nake dthing too. He will come downstairs buttass naked and run aroun like a mad man. Wouldn't be so bad, except he does it when someone is at the door or when I have company. Great unh?

The Bobo Knitter said...

I think they make special plastic baggie things just for casts.

Ahh, I remember casts, itchy, scratching, hot, sweaty . . .

My thoughts are with you!

Anonymous said...

We paid the extra money for the color cast. As you know it's a better material than the old fashioned casts they had when we were kids.

We haven't had any other broken bones and trust me, we should have. You may not have any more.... but we have had stitches and a concussion.

We had 'surgery' to set it. They didn't set it with him awake. What was unnerving for us was the break was very bad and they were talking pins and rods. The orthopedic was surprised when she set it and it stayed, so she wrapped it real tight and it healed in like 5 weeks. No kidding.

He broke it Memorial Day week, so I completely know where you're coming from. See if they have waterproof casts... I've heard of them, but have never seen one.

It will be OK. I was a wreck, a crying mess. It will be OK.

Anonymous said...

My absolutely HATE to put away laundry. Anything else is fine...that one sucks for whatever reason.

Let us know what they say about Pink Ninja's arm. I hope it's as simple and painless as possible.