Monday, December 08, 2008

Murphy is no fool

It would seem that with the pending second honeymoon, Murphy would pull his tom foolery.

SR has had a cough for about 2 months. It is non productive, and dry. He also seems to have a lot of nasal drainage, clear. If I take him to the Doc, they will look at me like I am a nuts for taking him, and will suggest claritin to thin secretions, and a humidifier. It is worse in the morning, and with ANY jumping, or running around. It has not gotten worse, it just hangs on.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to my SIL who is a school teacher, she assured me, that half of her school has the same darn thing.

However, this morning I note, PN has started doing the same thing.

So now I have to figure out, do I take them to the Doc, may the money to find out nothing. Because if I took them today, they would do nothing. They also could pick up somethinng worse while in the waiting room. Because that is how it happens.

I will say the moment I leave the kids here with Grandpa, and his girlfriend, they will get worse, and they will probably end up having to run them to the Doc.

Just figures.

I did find wool socks for me yesterday, none for the kids. Imagine that? I may have to order some online, as I am done running around looking for them.

Last night I crocheted a bit, and managed to get 1/2 of PN's scarf done. I could have gotten it all done, but I have not crocheted since making them baby caps I forgot how to begin a new row. It took me a while. However, so far it looks sweet, and i think she will like it. I started my sisters too. I did not want to work on the Collectives while they were awake.

Today is going to be busy, I have a lot of weird things to do.

Take my black boots in, and get them reheeled. Hopefully the guy can have them back to me TODAY.

I also have to run to the bank ASAP this morning, mail some birthday cards, and bills.

WE got our first property tax statement Saturday. Holy Moses. I will say that we are fine with it, as the public school SR is attending is FIRST rate.

Ummm....I have a job interview today at a Psych group office. We will see how it goes. I keep going through the interview in my head. Nerve racking.


Guard Wife said...

Good luck this a.m. Thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the interview!!!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to leave your dad a release allowing him to seek medical treatment on behalf of your children before you leave. It need not be notorized, just identify yourself as the natural tutrix of the minor children (names and birthdates) and that you authorize them to seek treatment...

Hopefully, he won't need it.

My best to you all.

; )

Rachelle Jones said...

all done Christina, left in an envelope with the insurance cards.

I sure as heck hope they do not need it, but one never nows...

vet66 said...

Great luck with the interview. As for the collective, were they exhibiting the same symptoms in your previous house? Clear mucus sinus drainage sounds like an allergy of some type. Are people heating with wood stoves in your area of residence? The air quality usually declines during this time of the year with temperature inversions, smoke, and stagnant air that comes between storms.

Don't forget to be yourself at the interviews...

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are you trying to tell me something?

Guard Wife said...

Um...update! Update! Update on the interview, please. Inquiring minds and all that.

Tracy S said...

My son had a cough exactly like that for about a month. My doc's office said that if a cough lasts longer than 3 weeks to bring him in. So, I did. She prescribed Zithromax (bronchitis) and within 2 days, cough gone.

Good luck with the interview!