Friday, December 26, 2008

The great white tropics...

I sent The Collective to the backyard today....

It is 49 degrees.

SR fought me tooth and nail, as he is brilliant enough to loathe the cold and freezing temps, he has been asking for days about when does spring and summer arrive. PN loves the cold, and I am guessing might be part Eskimo.

Anywho, I sent them out bright and early this morning, with the sled. I told them snow would melt soon, so they better try and figure it out.

I see them attempting to build something out the back window.

I wish the wind would stop blowing, even though my guess is, it is from the south and bringing these warm temps.

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Guard Wife said...

I'm not sure what the temp is at the moment, but I am listening to a thunderstorm...with December...and pouring rain. What the?!

Oh, well. It's better than ice & snow, for me anyway! :)

Your Christmas sounds like it went well. Your dh will love the Nano. I've had mine for awhile & I dearly love it. Set up a folder for yourself on it with your music so you can plug yourself in when needed. :) M1 has a Shuffle thanks to Santa & is about to wring my neck if I don't set it up soon...gah!!

Hubs is supposed to be home from work soon (short day) and is bringing coffee and/or Coke. I'm dying for CAFFEINE!!!!

I miss you.

We will talk soon.