Tuesday, December 30, 2008

from the North

I wore a sweater, no coat to work today, it was that glorious out, and then whammo, the wind started howling in at 45 mph. Wind from the North. I guess the 62 degree weather here was nothing but a fluke.

I must round up the North Face Gortex, and fleece for tomorrow.

It is winter in the Midwest.

It is currently 10 degrees.

I am thrilled that Santa brought me 3 pairs of wool socks!


Guard Wife said...

Yes, we're a day or two behind you weather wise. Warm today & warm tomorrow but by New Year's Day it's supposed to be FREEZING with wind & drizzle and all the craptastic weather gunk we're used to in December. :)

Anonymous said...

So would it be mean to say "Better you than me?"

Just askin'.

Some Soldier's Mom said...

navy cpo... me, too. just askin'... 60 the last three days here... maybe 50's this week... but no humidity and light winds means 50 is the new 60... just sayin'... you know we have room for the whole family when you are tired of the "midwest winters" (we're from Illinois... and NY... so we feel your pain... it's why we live here ;-)