Monday, November 05, 2007

Ready ....Set......Go

Blogging will be odd over the next few days. I am planning on live blogging the sessions I go to, but who knows.

DH is here, pray the collective are kind to him.

He can watch man movies this week.

I recieved a bit of sour news today....I hear it comes in 3's. I hope not, in this case 2 bits of sour news is about all I can stand.

I have still not heard a peep from Nickelodeon, Viacom, or anyone ellse for that matter. Micheal Medved, and Laura Ingram both covered the Nickelodeon scandel on the radio this week. However, it got buried.

In good news I did note that Linda Ellerbee's production company was here for over 2 hours snooping around this past Friday, as was Viacom.

Now lets see what they do about it.

Nickelodeon brainwash

The left has not forgotten, I assure you, I continue to get e-mails from them...

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