Thursday, November 01, 2007

That was the best Halloween EVER

It was hard to get us moving here at the Casa this morning. I think we were all suffering with some sort of sugar hang over. No one wanted to get out of bed, we were all sluggish.

Sir Rowland decided he did not want to go to the harvest party at church. I do not want stupid candy, stupid games, besides, who is going to pass out candy. So I stayed home with him, and we consumed garlic popcorn, with butter and watched movies. We also passed out candy. Much less than years prior. Usually we pass out to about 80-120 children. This year 30-40. Sir Rowland did get to use the candy bowl, that a skelton hand pops out of and says "want some candy". He got a kick out of that, and ensured the trick or treaters that, "it was not real".

Pink Ninja and Daddy had a night out at the Harvest Festival. Pink Ninja wore a Cinderella dress that lit up at the touch of a button. She did not take her tiara. She was adorable, because she loved the candy part. When they got home I had to take her around our block because she wanted to "go trick or treating". Six houses, I kid you not, and she came home with a loaded bucket.

I am sending some with DH to work. I do not need this much candy here. I do not have that sort of will power at all.

I packed Sir Rowland his lunch tody and packed candy. He didn't eat it. He might be the only child I know that does not like candy.

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