Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sign This Petition, spread the WORD

I just had a message from an IPhone that said HELP.

I immediatly called my friend in a panic. I was concerned that she was in danger. (my mind is dramatic is it not?)

Turns out....

he family of CPL Dustin Lee need the Milbloggers help. They have crossed their t's and dotted their i's and still no LEX.

Please spread the word and please sign the petition to help retire Lex to Dustin's family in Mississippi.

Most of you probably know by now who CPl Dustin Jerome Lee is. For those of you who do not, please take the time to read a little more about him and view photos of him at Remember CPL Dustin Lee

In a nutshell-

Dustin was a K9 War Dog Handler and MP who was killed in Iraq on March 21 2007. His K9 Lex survived but with injuries.

He received shrapnel wounds to his body, almost lost his tail, and to this day still has shrapnel lodged near his spine. The Veterinarians opted to leave this shrapnel in place as to not risk damage to Lex's spine.

Since Dustin's death the family has tried diligently to get Lex adopted to them so that they may care for him. Lex was of course the last (person) to see Dustin alive.

Even before the incident of the RPG that killed Dustin, Lex was destined to retire upon returing from this tour in Iraq. The family has waited patiently for the last remaining part of Dustin to arrive home...and they are still waiting.

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