Friday, November 16, 2007

get a tissue and other nonsense.....

Sir Rowland has been ill with one form of runny nose/cough/mattery eyes for about a month. He now is typical kid genius looking. Pale skin, head in a book, refusing candy, dark circles under in his eyes, and looking troubled.

I cannot for the life of me get him to wash his hands frequently, or use a tissue or stop picking his nose, oh or cover his mouth. ICK.

I have explained ad naseum about the advantage of all of the above, and have explained to him all about his immune system. He has known all about t-cells, and white blood cells since the age of 28 months or so.

It is frustrating beyond belief. The kid is doing fantastically in school, and has taught himself how to read music, is doing simple algebra, has such good abstract thinking skills he is frightening the rest of us. (what other 5 year old draws his lemonade stand sign complete with cubes, instead of ice squares?) But he insists on picking his nose.

I think I am going to have DH print off some simple hygiene tips for the kid, however, with his sort of obsessive compulsive nature I am afraid he will turn into Howard Hughes overnight. (not joking here) However, he is not processing the information through auditory process, and I am going to have to get him a print out from the CDC, or some other frightening agency to scare him from being a germ factory.

Tomorrow I am taking him to the Dr. in the am, (thank God my office is open on Saturday until noon), because he is just not getting over whatever ails him.

If I could convince him how disgusting picking his nose is.....problem would be half solved.

UPDATE: showed him this article about how nose picking could lead to death. He has not done it since, and is already diplaying Howard Hughes tissue hoarding behavior...

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