Thursday, November 08, 2007

There are a lot of hookers in Las Vegas, or people just like dressing like whores and trannies. (Or is it spelled trannys)

(Looks like I had my ass handed to me HERE, but thank you all so much for voting. Dooce was very hard to keep up with, as I think she has 900 x's the traffic I do)

First off, I need to move to a hipper, more "hub-like" city. As my flight to Las Vegas took like 7 hours. 7 hours of me not being able to sleep, because I was also in a short bus plane.

I think I have seen more hookers in the last 4-5 hours than i have seen, my entire life. Not kidding. Even more than than that odd drive in Memphis. Although I must say, Memphis hookers you really need to start dressing nicer for work. Interestingly, Andi and I were approached by one last night. Where is a video camera when you need one?

I wore sneakers last night, in case we had to run from the cops. I think Blackfive said something about a bond card, but for some reason I am always afraid Uncle Jimbo will get us into some sort of trouble. Oh and I got to meet, the elusive "Wolf" from Blackfive.

It was nice being invited out to dine with several bloggers. I would have put DH to shame, as I did not pack my leatherman or a knife, and had to borrow one from Armed Liberal over dinner.

Dinner guests, the usual suspects it seems. However, there were a few new faces at the table. Vodka Pundit was at the other end of the table.

Oh and ladies, I did get to meet BW, so sweet, and funny and did not seem nervous at all, she acted like an adult and everything.

We are not in jail yet. I would encourage people to set aside $1 just in case.

BTW, hotels do not have free internet any longer. WTF is with that? So my posting will be very lite indeed.

Oh and damn it to hell, I packed my camera last night, and was all set to take photos . When to my surprise, I find, I forgot to take the battery out of the charger and put it in the camera....huge dork.


Anonymous said...

That's why we almost always stay at the Best Western. Free wifi!

Linda said...

AWTM, pre-write your post in Word, then cut and paste to your blog - takes no more than a minute, right???

And sorry that you didn't win Best Diarist. Dooce has been around for a long time. She's the reason for the term Dooced, which came about because she was caught blogging about work on her blog and got canned. So being Dooced means getting canned for blogging, I guess! But I still like your blog better - you've managed to stay on my RSS for as long as I've found you...Dooce only stayed for a few weeks and I got tired of her!