Sunday, November 11, 2007

If you go to Vegas, carry a jug of hand sanitizer

Before I forget, I will remind you a hooker tried to pick Andi and I up at Caeser's Palace. That is just strange. I think it was a female, but it is hard to tell in Vegas.

In addition to that little ditty. There was a half naked female in the restroom at Excalibur. (I am sure she was a hooker as well) walked in and about fainted. Seriously. She really had no shame. She was having trouble getting back into her dress, which was actually like 4 strings and a 4cm. piece of fabric.

Instead of just turning around and leaving, I tried to help tie her back up into this thing...

(mind you I had a couple of vodka tonics on board.)

I think I need to learn how to say no. But I seriously think my Midwestern niceness, and my "Momness" kicked in. I mean I would not have wanted this girl to catch cold, or trip on one of these strings.

DH wants pictures.

rolling eyes...

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