Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Collective grew a foot while I was gone...

Ok, so maybe I am exagerating a bit. But seriously, I came home to find my children grew during my stint in Vegas.

Sir Rowland, left me entertained throughout my trip, with phone conversations.

"Mom, forget about the conference, and go play games. You are in Las Vegas." (I do not gamble, unless someone gives me money to do so, or there is nothing better to do. I tend to like Blackjack.)

"Mom, that picture you put on the internet? Not a real rabbit, it was a human."

He seriously cracks me up.

DH was left alone with The Collective for the longest time ever. He even out shined me, by taking huge, delicious Monster Cookies to Sir Rowland's class. (I have not done this yet.) They were delicious cookies.

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