Monday, November 19, 2007

What writers strike?

This Hollyweird writers strike has not affected our house. In fact Sunday night at 10:00pm we realized, we had not had the TV on at all through the day. Not once. Saturday it might have been on for an hour.

We did manage to watch How The West Was One this week, which was excellent I had not seen it in ages. The rafting scene was hard to watch, almost embarrassing that technology was that bad. But a good movie. I have been trying to be better about the netflix, and not picking one sad or horrifying based on real life events flick after another.

It is hard, there is a lot of crap to sift through in movie land.

Sir Rowland's school has decided to go on lockout this week. Some stomach/GI bug going round. I got an e-mail today saying "no school tomorrow". So he will be home, and maybe the 3 of us can go for a hike, or fishing in the morning. He was thrilled that he has an extended break THRILLED.

He does not want to leave the house, he wants to stay home and play.

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