Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The strangest Christmas

About 10-11 years ago, we had decided to trek across the country for Christmas. This was before children. I will not go into details, or name names, but we made the very costly trek, taking time off from work, which at the time was almost impossible. Particularly with DH working at the city/county jail, and I as a nurse. It was difficult getting time off from work. I think both of us were also in college at least part time.

So we made the trek halfway across the United States, with a Prime Rib tied to the roof of the Ford Explorer. It was cold, no one got food poisoning.

We spent the holiday on a couch under mortician certificates. No one died, we were spending the holiday at extended families immediately family who is in the business of taking care of the dead.

It seemed surreal at the time, and it remains the strangest Christmas I think I have ever had.

So the family Christmas photos from that year are family lined up on a couch under morticians certificates.

Surreal indeed.

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