Thursday, November 22, 2007

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you

Stuffed. I am full, and I did not even eat a piece of pie.

I woke at about 6:45am, put the turkey in the oven and went back to bed. DH was a darling and got up with The Collective.

I finally crawled out of bed around 8'ish, and noted Pink Ninja looked funny.

All before finishing a cup of coffee....

AWTM: "Darling, did you cut your hair?"

Pink Ninja: staring blankly at me.

AWTM: "DH, did she cut her hair this morning?"

DH: "I don't think so."

AWTM: "I think so, PN, bring the scissors, and then find the hair, and bring it to me:"

Pink Ninja: hands over scissors, and a patch of hair.

*So you know, it is time for the family annual photo for Christmas cards. Of course it is.

Pink Ninja, seemed embarrassed by her efforts, so I told her that I too had cut my hair, DH had also cut his hair when we were tiny. DH also explained that it never looks good when you try and do it yourself. DH then explained to her, that is why we go to professionals to get our hair cut.

*Of course, it is right in front. Of course.

The new garbabge disposal has water leaking around it.

*Of course on the day where I have more dishes than any other day of the year.

WE had a lovely prayer before the delicious meal. I am successful, the meal tasted just like my Moms. We missed our family. We asked for God to watch over those we could not be with. It occurred to us, that today was probably the last Thanksgiving as a a "foursome". Next year we probably will be surrounded by family, at least we hope so.

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