Friday, November 16, 2007

Mind Freaked

You see a lot of strange things in Las Vegas, particularly if you are a hermited housewife, whose weekly outings consist of library, commissary, church, and the gas station. Vegas gets a 10 on the freak scale.

I was in Vegas about 7 years ago, and boy have things changed.

First of the excessive nature of the place was shocking. I know, it is Vegas, get over it, but seriously I felt like a Grandma in Vegas. People do not dress normally there. There are 2 ends of the spectrum in Vegas. The crafting housewife from Nebraska that made her own sweatshirt applique with her bedazzeler, tennis shoes, visor and a fanny pack, and then you have hooker. I will not go into details here, think hooker. Oh, and some people are probably not hooker, but I guess hooker clothes must be "in" this year. Lets just say the showgirls are not the only people putting on the show in Vegas. There were trannies too. I saw them out. I also saw a lot of zoot suits. I am sure the milblogging guys were glad they did not pack theirs from home, because you never want anyone to wear their purple zoot suit when you have yours on. That is just plain embarrassing.

Oh, and it was also very International, I never once was on the elevator, or cab with anyone "American". It sort of felt like I was at the Dulles airport. Representing in Las Vegas. the English, Austrailian, Irish, German, French, Chinese, African, Brazillain..wowzers. I had a lot of fun with my "let me guess where your accent is from". I got about 85% right.

I do not think Vegas is a family destination. I do not get "that". I saw lots of strollers in The Excalibur, very late. Too late. I am not sure if strollers belong in a casino. It seemed strange.

Speaking of strange, I ran into Chris Angel while in Las Vegas. I did not recognize him right away. He appears much bigger on tv. He is actually quite teeny. (I am 5 7 and in heels I was taller than him, I am also going to guess I weigh more than he does, which is simply a testament to how much i like to eat, and my metabolism. His hair is very over processed and he was wearing mascara. He had his baseball hat on all mcsideyways, which is a pet peeve of mine. (I actually think mcsideyways hats are ok, as they seem to announce your douche bag status for you.) But I digress again. Anyway this 20-something kids was so PUMPED to see him, he was thrilled, and recognized Chris Angel immediately. I mean this kid was thrilled. Well of course Chris angel was not alone, he was actually surrounded by what I will assume was body guards, security, however they were all smaller than Chris Angel. The kid tried to be quiet about recognizing him, and whispered "where did you get your hat, and when Mr. Angel answered the kid said quietly, "can I have your autograph?"

This is where the story gets good. Mr. angel could not produce a pen. Which frankly should be an easy trick if you think about it. Especially for someone that is can levitate.

Anywho, Mr. Angel and his staff proclaims they do not have a pen, and they do this loudly, well of course this attracts a crowd, and then there is an ok for "pictures", which creates a whole scene. So of course I am trapped amoungst all of this weirdness. Seriously cracking up because I kept thinking, "the dude couldn't even magic up a sharpie?" Mr. Angel was not really gracious about his fans, he was a dick. And then one of his guys, and Mr. Angel walk up to me and ask if I want my picture taken with him. I seriously would have liked one of his failure to produce a pen, but I declined with a "no not really". He wasn't really that nice.

Vegas is a strange place, it made the blogworld expo appear even nerdier than it was...

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Anonymous said...

I seriously would have liked one of his failure to produce a pen, but I declined with a "no not really". He wasn't really that nice.

LOL! I wouldn't have minded a picture of his face when you told him you didn't really want a picture. *g*

And his not being nice somehow doesn't surprise me.